Whether you are considering looking for new employment, or you have just seen an advertisement for the perfect position, you need a hard hitting, professional resume that will get you to top of the queue.

And when we say “queue” we mean queue!!!!  Now, more than ever there are literally hundreds of applications for almost every position advertised.

If you are returning to paid employment after a break, or due to redundancy, then it can be even more daunting.  Perhaps it has been years since you even had to have a resume, or your role changed so much your “old” resume no longer represents the real you!

We offer the following services:


Initial personal telephone discussion before we even start writing a resume.

This will ensure we have a good understanding of your skills and strengths relating to a particular role or in general. We want to make sure that we successfully capture all your best points and your working experience to date. If you have achieved some outstanding results in previous roles we need to make sure we bring those out in a positive way!


Resume with soft copy posted to your personal email address

Two hard copies printed and posted to your home address


Individual Cover Letter created and also emailed and posted to personal addresses


One 15 minute telephone follow up call

Discuss interview tips, how to successfully handle an interview, any possible “trick questions”during your interview and also suggestions for questions to ask during an interview. We want to make sure that when you gain that interview, you go into that interview with “all flags flying”.

Plus a great monthly newsletter with lots of tips and ideas for not only securing the role you want, but making sure you have ongoing success with that role.

See our Fees page for current pricing and to get started with your own Seriously Successful Resume.

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