Congratulations! You have come to the right place for the best possible resume, created and written just for YOU!!

To be successful when applying for a new position, your resume should stand out like a shining beacon amongst all the hundreds of other applications.

It should reach and GRAB the Recruitment Manager.

It should WOW the recruiters!

Think of your resume as your first and only marketing tool – you are selling yourself!
Your resume is not just a piece of paper; it’s the key to achieving your dream job or to start your career in the work force.

It’s the same with your Cover Letter!

You only get one shot, and about 3 seconds to stand out from the crowd.


That is why I take pride in working with you to write and create a professional resume that will do justice to your skills and competencies. Together we can bring out your special qualities with key phrases and key words that will make up a successful resume.

Understanding what to write in your resume, and what you should never write in your resume can make the difference between months of fruitless and frustrating job searches or a quick response for an interview and hopefully a job offer!

“Seriously Successful Resumes” will also share advice and secrets on how to present yourself at that interview so as to take every advantage of the opportunity.

Remember your immediate goal is to get that interview …. an individually created resume from a professional with a track record of success is the best investment you can make on behalf of your career!

Diane Steed-Chentrens